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Mission and Philosophy


School Mission

St. Martin of Tours School strives to develop students who are committed to Faith, Service, and Excellence. SMT nurtures a faith commitment that inspires a joyful personal relationship with God, promotes Catholic principles of justice, peace, and compassion, and fosters the personal growth and development of students by providing an intellectually challenging and creative program of studies designed to help students reach their full potential.


The faculty of St. Martin of Tours School work together to bring about the total development of the children under our care. Recognizing parents as the primary educators of their children and the family as the heart of Christian education, we act as co-educators with parents. We strive to continue, support, and enrich what parents have begun in their children. Together, we envision the ultimate goal of their education at St. Martin of Tours School be that the students exemplify the moral and ethical Christian values as active and participating members or our society. By implementing School-wide Learning Expectations, we aim to foster the growth of each individual according to his or her own potential within this moral and ethical framework.