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Welcome to the SMT Library!  Come in and check out a great book.

Grades 1 – 5 come to the library weekly for 30 minutes.  Students spend time browsing for books and learn how to select books appropriate for their reading and interest level.  Both recreational reading and reading to fulfill assignments and research papers are covered.  Some classes are devoted to literature and research related activities.  Even our youngest students learn that library books are arranged in a specific order and how to use the online catalog to find the book or subject they are interested in.

Every year we participate in the C.Y.R.M. (California Young Reader’s Medal) Book Club and read books that have been selected as the “best”.  Students read the books then gather to discuss them before voting for their favorite.  Our results are tabulated with all the other schools in California to select the most popular with students.

Middle School students come to the library for research, study, homework and to enjoy a quiet place to read.  Teachers schedule visits to the library for special projects and reports.

Virtudes Gomez, Librarian

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