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Chess – Tuesdays

  • April 25, 2017 - June 6, 2017
    3:20 pm

Los Angeles Chess Club – The most active club on the West Coast – is offering chess classes for beginners and intermediate youngsters for the 5th year. Our Class ‘A’ teacher conducts instructions as well as supervised play amongst students. There have been many studies that have proven that chess – as a gymnasium of mind – is an effective tool in improving students’ cognitive processes (Logical Thinking, Concentration, Prioritization and Discipline). Some of the greatest minds in history started playing chess at an early age (Pope John Paul II, Einstein, Edison, Bill Gates, Beethoven, Jimmy Carter, King Charles V&VII, Churchill, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Steve Jobs, to name a few). We also offer a free practice book to each student as well as running a tournament in the last 2 weeks with trophies and medals as prizes. Fee $350 – one child

Kindergarten – Grade 8

Minimum 8 students and Maximum 20

$215 – one child
$430- two children
$645 – three children

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