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Ms. Gabriela Gualano

Welcome to Transitional Kindergarten and a fun and exciting year!  In TK we start out by learning our letters, sounds, and numbers.  By the end of the year, the children have developed literacy and numeracy skills that will lay the foundation for all other learning.  Religion, Science, and Social Studies are incorporated into our daily schedule with themed monthly units and frequent discussions. I enjoy integrating technology in the class with our SMART Board and iPads.  There is an incredible amount of growth that happens in TK: making friends, problem-solving, working together, and learning. I aim to help my students by providing a safe and nurturing environment that teaches by word and example. 


Gabriela Gualano

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Mrs. Valerie Woodard

Kindergarten is a year of wonder and adventures, a time for the children to explore new areas of their education and growth. Through daily prayer and weekly mass, the children are learning more about their faith, their relationship with God, and their world.  Our Science and Social Studies programs help the children embrace their world and the creatures in it. iPads and the SMARTboard are used to help the Kinders in Math and Language Arts. The children work in small groups to strengthen their skills in Phonics while learning to read. The computer program IXL, which the children use at home, helps to reinforce addition, subtraction, money, time, and patterns.

I want the Kinders happy, comfortable, and secure in class, feeling safe and able to grow spiritually, intellectually, and socially.
Mrs. Woodard
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Mr. Nolan McCormick

Welcome to Mr. McCormick’s classroom.  I teach math to grades 5-8 and coach Decathlon.  I am excited to begin a whole new year.

This year students will improve mathematical reading comprehension, interpretation, and reasoning skills.  Students will have many opportunities to connect mathematical concepts with the world outside my classroom.  My goal is to instill a real love and appreciation for mathematics.

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Ms. Keara Devitt

Welcome to 1st grade!  I am excited to have your child in class.  We have a wonderful year ahead that will be filled with lots to explore, experience, and learn! I hope to be a mentor to your child this year as your child embarks on a learning journey filled with fun, challenges, and many learning opportunities. I am also looking forward to working with you to ensure that your child has a successful year. Please contact me if you have any questions.


Ms. Devitt

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Mrs. Marilyn Sloan

In 2nd grade Math, our students become proficient in adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers.  They learn more about time and money, place value and equal group multiplication and division, and solving lots of word problems.  Our 2nd graders use Math textbooks, the SmartBoard, iPad apps and an online website that practices math skills at a student’s own pace.

Because of my strong background in children’s literature, I’m passionate about teaching reading and writing. Throughout second grade we read both fiction and expository texts.  We role-play in literature circles to read and examine novels.  Second graders are immersed in writing. They write personal narratives and creative stories, construct timeline projects individually and collaboratively, and research, draw and write about camouflaging.  Our second graders also write a 7-paragraph book report followed by an oral presentation in costume on a person who made a difference.  I believe it is important to stress the social aspect of learning through use of group configurations, such as guided reading groups, buddy partnering, and literature circles.  This way, under my guidance and direction, students can read and discuss text with each other, learn how to listen respectfully and praise each other’s contributions.

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Ms. Julie Mazzaferro

Welcome to 3rd Grade!  I am looking forward to an exciting year together.

Now that students have transitioned from second grade, and have gone from learning-to-read to reading-to-learn, in third grade, we will take this lesson to the next step, and work on developing complex reading comprehension skills. Students will attach what they learn into practical applications that expand their thinking process. We start off reading literature that presents a text in which the main idea is clear and explicitly stated; text follows a logical order, and transitions to longer passages containing complex structures in which the main idea is not so explicitly stated. Text books likewise will progress from familiar topics to unfamiliar topics, broadening each student’s ability to recognize, connect, and think about what they learn in relation to the world.

Students will grow their knowledge of English conventions and acquire new vocabulary, such as words and phrases that signal spatial and temporal relationships. They will learn to effectively write, plan and deliver presentations that are organized chronologically (following a logical sequence), and include concrete details to support their main idea and provide an efficient conclusion.

In third grade math will be fun while working our way up to multiplying and dividing two digit numbers by one digit numbers. Students will work with fractions and decimals as they explore how they connect to multiplication and division. Most importantly, students will develop an understanding of the practical application of multiplication, division, fractions and decimals in their lives; how mathematics comes into play every day. My lessons are structured to help students connect what they are learning to their own lives and the world outside of our classroom by introducing and repeatedly referencing the idea that, many times, there is more than one right answer to a question. Thinking is required!

I can’t wait to nurture students’ natural curiosity and reasoning while fostering a real joy for learning.

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Ms. Laurel Gross

Welcome to 4th Grade! Here in 4th Grade we focus on multi-digit multiplication and division, begin algebra, as well as strengthen our knowledge of fractions and decimals. In language arts, we read three challenging novels and complete drama and poetry units. One of the major transitions that we make this year is in our writing. Students begin the year working on 5-paragraph summaries and narrative essays and end the year by writing multi-paragraph research reports. Students learn how to research concepts in the library and on the computer, and type their reports in our computer lab at school. This year students learn about California history in social studies. We visit a mission and a real California rancho, as well as build models of missions, write a research report on Father Serra, and perform a play covering California history to present time! Another big project we complete is our Heritage Day presentations. Students create a poster and presentation representing their heritage, and bring in food from their country. For religion, we focus primarily on the Ten Commandments. My goal for 4th grade is to engage students in the material through hands-on activities and projects done primarily at school. I structure my lessons to promote the students’ independence, collaboration, and aptitude to be life-long learners who enjoy and value their education.

Laurel Gross

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Ms. Megan McCormick

Welcome to 5th Grade!  I am so excited to be the new 5th grade teacher at St. Martin of Tours!  Prior to St. Martin’s I taught at American Martyrs for the last four years, where I also attended elementary school. I grew up in Manhattan Beach, attended the University of San Francisco where I obtained my Bachelors in Communication. I then continued my education at Loyola Marymount University and received my Masters in Education along with my teaching credential in Elementary Education. In my free time, I love running along the beach, spending time with friends and family and most importantly my baby nephew, Frankie. I am looking forward to a great school year in 5th grade and cannot wait to meet everyone!

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Mrs. Jeanne Newman

Here at SMT, seventh grade is an important time of preparation and transition to high school.  One of my most important goals is to help students become curious, confident self-directed learners.

In language arts, we develop oral and written language skills through class discussion, group work, and independent reading, working to master the Common Core standards.  The end goal is the same–students who are ready for whatever academic challenges come next.
As a teacher in a Catholic school,  I strive both during and outside religion class to help students live out the Gospel message.  I am privileged to accompany the students over time on their journey to a deeper relationship with Christ.
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Mrs. Anne Conte

Saint Martin of Tours has a departmental approach for teaching and mentoring our junior high students.  My focus is on the humanities, teaching Ancient History to the 6th grade and Literature, American History, Church History, and Morality to the 8th grade.  My students are engaged through a variety of instructional techniques including writing, reading, research, note taking, long and short-term projects, and multimedia technology. My objective is to not only teach course content but to also present continual opportunities for my students to learn how to think analytically, to work collaboratively, to manage their time efficiently, and to study effectively.  As a result, students are well prepared to meet the challenges of high school and gain admission to the leading high schools throughout the Los Angeles area. Through our Religion curriculum, junior high students also engage in Christian Community Service outreach activities that teach and strengthen the lifelong core values of compassion, generosity, and gratitude.

In addition to my teaching duties, I also serve as the SMT Student Council moderator where students learn a multitude of skills while providing leadership to the student body.  The student council organizes and directs a myriad of service and community-building activities that are enjoyed by students across all grade levels throughout the year.

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