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Mrs. Elizabeth Ehasz

Mrs. Elizabeth Ehasz

I’m so happy to join St. Martin of Tours as your librarian, and to offer literacy support.

The past two years I worked in the literacy department of Franklin Elementary School in Santa Monica, for Sue Both, PhD, who trained me in literacy development models and how to asses and meet students’ reading challenges.  I’m looking forward to sharing all I’ve learned.

My background includes a degree in education and English, writing experience, elementary classroom teaching – and a life-long love of children’s literature.  

In high school and college I worked in a public library, and have been enthusiastically involved in elementary school libraries since.  I’m looking forward to educating students about how libraries are organized, how to use them effectively, and how to choose books that offer just the right amount of challenge for them.

St. Jerome, Patron Saint of Libraries, ora pro nobis!

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