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Mrs. Sheila Osborne

Mrs. Sheila Osborne

Art is a natural way for children to express themselves.  The art classroom is a place where children can grow and learn and where each child can develop confidence and self- expression.

Class Goals

  1. Encourage imagination and provide activities for self-expression.
  2. Increase awareness of our own American culture as well as the cultures we share collectively.
  3. Teach art techniques to better understand the differences and commonalities of diverse artistic styles.
  4. Develop an art vocabulary and improve art skills.

Classes include discussions of artists, art history, and instruction in related art techniques.  Combining art history with art instruction leads children to gain an understanding of essential art principles and to become acquainted and inspired by the world’s many great artists.

My students will learn from their instructor and each other in developing an enjoyment of art.

I will do my best to bring art and the love of God to your children.
Mrs. Osborne
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