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Library FAQs

Library Hours

The library is open Mondays – Fridays

Recess: 10:00 – 10:20 (grades 3 – 8)

Lunch: 12:35 – 12:50 (grades 1 – 8)

Middle school and upper school teachers are welcome to bring their classes to the library for research.

It is a place for quiet work, study, and reading. Quiet group work is allowed. You may not bring food or drink into the library.

Library Links

SMT Library

SMT Online Catalog

World Book Online:

Username – smtonline

Password Hint – Our Favorite Birds

Los Angeles Public Library

Research Papers

You can use the following information to help you with junior high research papers e.g. science fair.


How to Prepare a Bibliography Page (MLA)

Parenthetical Citations

How to Format an APA Style Paper

Computers in the Library

We have 5 iMac desktops available for catalog searches and school work only. The computers may be used during recess or during class visits.  There is a printer in the library.  Please ask permission before you print anything.

The use of the library computers, or access to the wireless network is governed by the Acceptable use policy signed by all students and families at the beginning of each academic year. Any violation of these policies will result in a termination of rights to use technology in the library and on the school premises for such a period deemed appropriate by SMT administration, faculty or staff.

Library Code of Conduct

SMT faculty or staff members have the authority to determine whether a specific behavior in a particular situation violates the spirit of the guidelines discussed below.

Care of Furniture:
Do not disassemble furniture.
Do not move furniture or accessories without permission.
Do not stand on the furniture.
Do not sit on tables, or the computer desks/stations.
Two people cannot share chairs designed for one. 
General Behavior:
The library is a generally quiet place for reading and doing work. Please be quiet.
Please be respectful and do not distract or disturb those around you.
Do not unplug or disconnect any SMT computers or equipment
Please do not bring food or drinks in the library under any circumstances.
Please put all paper products that are trash in appropriate trash and recycling containers.
Children violating the rules of behavior will be warned to stop any SMT faculty or staff member.
Those refusing to change their behavior will be directed to leave the library.
Failure to comply with the rules and general principals of behavior may result in a warning slip, detention or restriction of library privileges, at the discretion of SMT faculty members.