Affording SMT


The yearly school tuition per family is as follows:

Support of parish

Each child grades K-8:     $15,500

We believe that when you invest in the education of your children, you are investing in their future.  A Catholic education is an advantage for life. Since we are a parish school, there is a discounted rate for the children of SMT parishioners.  Parishioners are registered members of the parish who actively participate in weekly Sunday Mass, involve themselves in the activities of the parish by attending functions, volunteer for committees or events, take an active part in parish groups, and contribute a minimum for $1000 per year in support of the parish.  At least one adult and child must be Roman Catholic to qualify for this discounted rate.  Families who wish to receive the discounted rate must pay tuition in full or enroll in the electronic transfer program by August 15.

Non-Support of Parish

Each child grades  K-8:     $19,750

Annual registration fees per student are $2,200.  These fees cover the cost of student insurance, yearbook, books, and classroom supplies.  An additional fee of $200 per family funds our Parent Clubs.


Because tuition and fees do not cover the actual cost of educating an SMT student, parents are asked to contribute to our annual appeal – Close the Gap.  This year, the suggested donation is $1,600 per child.  Donations are 100% tax deductible.


SMT has adopted the SMART Tuition Management Program for tuition collection.  The SMART enrollment form is sent to families every summer.  There are various options available for making tuition payments.  Families who pay in full before August 15, directly to the school bookkeeper, do not need to complete the SMART enrollment form.  All other families must enroll with SMART Tuition. The cost of the program is $45 per year, per family.  This amount will be added to your tuition balance.

SMART Tuition accounts must be set up as automatic deductions from your bank or credit card account.  A late fee of $30 will be charged if any payment is not received within ten days of the payment due date.  Delinquent tuition accounts will be sent to collection.


Families needing assistance with tuition and fees must complete an application with SMART Tuition by August 15.  Based on the financial information provided, SMART Tuition will estimate an amount that the family can contribute to educational expenses, helping the school make fair and objective decisions about financial aid. All aid is provided based on demonstrated need and is renewable annually.  An application must be completed each year aid is requested.  Applications should be filed by August 15 since families who meet this deadline will receive priority for the limited amount of money available for scholarships.