Elementary – Gr. 3-5

Third, fourth, and fifth grades are pivotal years in a child’s education.  Students are taught to be higher-level critical thinkers. They are guided in accumulating and organizing information and are invited to question the world around them. In these grades, reading becomes a learning tool, math concepts become more abstract, and horizons become wider in subjects such as science and social studies.

Socially, students progress from simply making friends to functioning as a group, while developing and cultivating their own personalities.  Deeper, more sophisticated relationships and connections with peers begin to form, and friendships are created that will last a lifetime.

Gently but surely, expectations are raised and responsibilities are instilled.  In third grade, planners and formal grading systems are introduced.  In fourth grade, organizational skills are strengthened.  Students are introduced to research and essay writing so that they can successfully participate in a nationwide essay contest in fifth grade.  Problem-solving skills are an increasingly important component in math classes; children master more complex word problems that help them approach abstract concepts in early algebra and geometry.  At the end of four grade, students may take a placement test in determine their eligibility for advanced math placement in fifth grade.