Music is an integral part of an SMT education and is a lifelong gift to give a child.  Recognized as an invaluable way to build and develop brain performance, an appreciation for music—and possibly the mastery of an instrument—is also a wonderful way to open doors socially and professionally while enriching daily life.

The focal point of music instruction is a new, computer-enhanced keyboard lab that encourages students to both learn to play and compose on the piano.  Other instruments include bells, recorder, ukulele K-5, and guitar in middle school.  Additionally, weekly choir rehearsals prepare choristers for singing and serving as music ministers.  Selected committed choir members perform in an annual choir competition.

SMT’s violin players perform at various school functions such as the Christmas Concert and spring Open House.  Participation in music provides students the opportunity to acquire personal discipline in the daily practice of an instrument, as well as promoting team spirit when they come together to rehearse and perform as an ensemble.