Primary School K-2

Welcome to SMT! It is a joy and privilege to accompany your children on the first steps of their academic journey, and we would be honored if you entrusted them to us for this adventure.

In the first years of school, our aim is to help children acquire socialization skills, become proficient at reading, and develop a strong number sense.  Our curriculum is aligned to Common Core standards, and we use a wide range of activities and projects to make learning fun and keep students engaged.  Children entering kindergarten come from a variety of preschool and family experiences and begin their journey at SMT by living, working, and learning as a group.  This is why it is crucial that students learn to be kind, caring, and considerate of their peers.  We use everyday activities and playful traditions to foster both harmony and empowerment in the classroom and on the playground.

In the first years of elementary school, one main academic focus for each child is to learn to read.  From mastering the alphabet to tackling increasingly complex texts and words, students at every level are guided by the elementary teachers and assistants.  By the end of second grade, our aim is that reading will be a pleasure, a source of wonder, and an everyday skill students will use to explore the world around them.

One other main academic goal is math.  The children will learn to manipulate numbers, understand their value, and combine them will all four operations.  Students will also start appreciating distance, time, and money while acquiring spatial comprehension.

Please come and meet us on a personal tour or at our next open house to discover the nurturing world of SMT.  We look forward to meeting your child!