Ms. Aylin Caceres

2nd Grade Teacher


In 2nd grade Math, our students become proficient in adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers. They learn more about time and money, place value and equal group multiplication and division, and solving lots of word problems. Our 2nd graders use Math textbooks, the SmartBoard, iPad apps and an online website that practices math skills at a student’s own pace.

Because of my strong background in children’s literature, I’m passionate about teaching reading and writing. Throughout second grade we read both fiction and expository texts. We role-play in literature circles to read and examine novels. Second graders are immersed in writing. They write personal narratives and creative stories, construct timeline projects individually and collaboratively, and research, draw and write about camouflaging. Our second graders also write a 7-paragraph book report followed by an oral presentation in costume on a person who made a difference. I believe it is important to stress the social aspect of learning through use of group configurations, such as guided reading groups, buddy partnering, and literature circles. This way, under my guidance and direction, students can read and discuss text with each other, learn how to listen respectfully and praise each other’s contributions.