Ms. Antoinette Carlo

3rd Grade Teacher


Welcome to 3rd Grade! I am looking forward to an exciting year together.

Now that students have transitioned from second grade, and have gone from learning-to-read to reading-to-learn, in third grade, we will take this lesson to the next step, and work on developing complex reading comprehension skills. Students will attach what they learn into practical applications that expand their thinking process. We start off reading literature that presents a text in which the main idea is clear and explicitly stated; text follows a logical order, and transitions to longer passages containing complex structures in which the main idea is not so explicitly stated. Text books likewise will progress from familiar topics to unfamiliar topics, broadening each student’s ability to recognize, connect, and think about what they learn in relation to the world.

Students will grow their knowledge of English conventions and acquire new vocabulary, such as words and phrases that signal spatial and temporal relationships. They will learn to effectively write, plan and deliver presentations that are organized chronologically (following a logical sequence), and include concrete details to support their main idea and provide an efficient conclusion.

In third grade math will be fun while working our way up to multiplying and dividing two digit numbers by one digit numbers. Students will work with fractions and decimals as they explore how they connect to multiplication and division. Most importantly, students will develop an understanding of the practical application of multiplication, division, fractions and decimals in their lives; how mathematics comes into play every day. My lessons are structured to help students connect what they are learning to their own lives and the world outside of our classroom by introducing and repeatedly referencing the idea that, many times, there is more than one right answer to a question. Thinking is required!

I can’t wait to nurture students’ natural curiosity and reasoning while fostering a real joy for learning.